By Carter Brooks

Photo by James Carey Lauder

The American Hockey League is proud announce AHLTV - a new way for fans of AHL hockey stay involved in the action all season long. 

In teaming up with HockeyTech, the AHL will now be able to broadcast every one of its games online for through the AHL's website, providing up-to-date scores and statistics, while offering a live high definition view for computers, cell phones and tablets.

On top of the regular high definition 'broadcast' view, every game feed will also feature a panoramic view selector, allowing online viewers to choose exactly what they want to see, and from whatever vantage point they so desire.

Subscriptions for the 2018-19 AHL regular season can now be purchase online through the AHL website. The following subscription options will be provided prior to purchase:

Subscription Package Price (USD)
2018-19 regular season - All teams, all games $79.99
2018-19 regular season - One team, all games $59.99
2018-19 regular season - One team, home or away $39.99
2018-19 regular season - All games, one month $19.99
2018-19 regular season - All games, one day $6.99


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Carter Brooks
Author: Carter Brooks
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